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Conquistidor with Michael Wood (3 of 4)

Episode three begins in Quito, Ecuador, and relates the amazing story of the 16-month Spanish expedition (1541-42), led by Gonzalo Pizarro, to find El Dorado, the mythical land of gold. Crossing the Andes with pack animals, Wood and his team hack a path through the forests, following in Pizarro’s footsteps to the Coca river, where they build a balsa raft and sail down to the river Napo, following the route of the conquistadors. There, on Christmas day 1541, the Spanish expedition split, with 60 men under Francisco Orellana sailing ( contrary to orders) all the way down the Amazon to the sea in a makeshift boat: an achievement that was “less of a journey, more of a miracle.” They were the first outsiders to see the interior of Amazonia and the first to discover and travel the length of the river.On their journey, they encountered unknown empires and vast populations that were later wiped out by disease and subsequently forgotten. The program recounts Orellana’s story, as well as the tale of the retreat of the army, under Orellana’s cousin and boyhood friend, Gonzalo Pizarro, an almost Shakespearean tale of revenge recorded in their letters and the diary kept by the expedition.

Airs on WXXI March 27, 2018 at 2:00 am (1 hour long)

Museum Access #104

Explore the John G. Shedd Aquarium, home to over 32,000 aquatic animals. Watch the beluga whales in one of their private training sessions. Take a peek into the bustling food preparation kitchen and visit the in-house veterinary hospital, then learn how one lucky lizard go an unusual gift, thanks to the creative staff and the 3-D printer located in the one of a kind Teen Learning Center.

Airs on WXXI-TV March 27, 2018 at 1:00 am (1/2 hour long)

America Revealed: Food Machine

Over the past century, an American industrial revolution has given rise to the biggest, most productive food machine the world has ever known. Join host Yul Kwon to learn how this machine feeds nearly 300 million Americans every day. Discover engineering marvels created by putting nature to work, and consider the toll our insatiable appetites take on our health and environment.

Embark with Kwon on a trip that begins with a pizza delivery route in New York City, then goes across the country to California’s Central Valley, where nearly 50 percent of America’s fruits, nuts and vegetables are grown, and into the heartland for an aerial look at our farmlands. Meet the men and women who keep us fed – everyone from industrial to urban farmers, crop-dusting pilots to long-distance bee truckers, modern-day cowboys to the pizza deliveryman.

Airs on WXXI-TV March 27, 2018 at 3:00 am (1 hour long)

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