America From the Ground Up (100 series) (6/30 minute programs)

Filmed on location at more than thirty archaeological and historical sites in twelve U.S. States and two Canadian Provinces. America: From The Ground Up! follows archaeological adventurer Dr. Monty Dobson as he digs into America’s story- From the Ground Up. Join Monty as he searches for clues to America’s hidden history: from exploring the ruins of America’s lost civilization to an underwater search for clues to Benedict Arnold’s sunken fleet on Lake Champlain, to a recreation of Perry’s naval victory over the British on Lake Erie with more than twenty tall ships, join us for the archaeological adventure of a lifetime! airs Fridays 2-3 a.m. beginning 11/22

  • #101 – America’s Lost Civilization (800AD-1600) – Centuries before Columbus arrived America was home to the towns and cities of a thriving Native American Civilization. Dig into the archaeology of America’s lost civilization at sites like Cahokia, a Native American city of 30,000 people and the spiritual heart of a civilization that stretched from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • #102 – The Fur Trade (1600-1750) – Travel along on an expedition to discover the archaeology of the Fur Trade. From Quebec to the Great Lakes the archaeology of the forts and settlements of the frontier record the story of expansion into the old Northwest Territory.
  • #103 – World War America (1750-1775) – Join Monty as he digs into the archaeology of the towns, forts and settlements along the contended border zone between Colonial America and New France that tell the story of America’s first world war: the French and Indian War.
  • #104 – Revolution (1774-1783) – From the siege of Quebec to exploring shipwrecks of Benedict Arnold’s defeat on Lake Champlain to the forts of the Great Lakes: Monty digs into the archaeological sites that tell the real story of America’s War for Independence.
  • #105 – The Science of Archaeology – Join Monty on an expedition to discover how archaeology works. From above the ground with satellites and helicopters, to exploring below the surface with ground penetrating radar and underwater sonar mapping, Monty digs into the science behind the latest archaeological discoveries.
  • #106 – War of 1812 (1795-1815) – Travel along on an expedition to investigate the archaeology of the shipwrecks and forts along America’s Northern frontier that record the secret history of America’s second war for independence: The War of 1812.



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