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Pride & Prejudice (6/60 minute programs)

Andrew Davies’ multi-award winning adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic Regency romance. Starring Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle and a fabulous supporting cast, this Pride and Prejudice pulsates with energy as lively; witty Elizabeth Bennet charms smoldering, haughty Darcy against a backdrop of a picture- postcard countryside, small-town assembly rooms and English stately homes.

  • #101 – airs 12/22 at 7 p.m.
  • #102 – airs 12/29 at 7 p.m.

The series continues in January


Handel’s Messiah

Handel’s Messiah is a 90-minute docudrama – narrated by Jane Seymour – that tells the story of George Frideric Handel, how he was discovered in Halle, Germany at age nine, and his meteoric rise to celebrity composer at age 18. With more than 42 operas on three continents, Handel was a prodigious musical genius. And while many of his musical works have endured, his most notable composition, and one that’s investigated with most detail, is his oratorio Messiah. The debut performance of Messiah in Dublin, Ireland in 1742 was a turning point for George Handel. It was also a turning point for Charles Jennens, the man who wrote the libretto for the oratorio, and Susannah Cibber, a formerly-scorned actress/singer who regained her standing within the theater after performing her solo. Handel’s Messiah is an inspiring story of redemption. The message and the music is pertinent to all generations, regardless of personal beliefs.

airs 12/22 at 4 p.m.


180 Days in Hartsville (2/60 minute programs)

Experience a year of a Southern town’s efforts to address the urgent demand for reform in American public schools and watch what happens when the systems that can either fuel or diffuse that reform -bureaucracy, economic opportunity and fixed mindsets – interact and intersect.