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Trust Docs: #1006 “Breaking Stereotypes”

Trust Docs 1000 (11/30 minute programs) airs Thursdays at 2 a.m. beginning 12/5 –TRUST DOCS, which is in partnership with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, takes viewers around the globe to explore under-reported stories about critical social issues through personal stories from individuals. This magazine series utilizes short documentaries to translate headlines into human experiences and covers a range of issues including the effects of war, the fight for refugee rights, struggles to adjust to climate change, housing and land rights, global mental health, changing gender identities and more.

#1006 “Breaking Stereotypes” – From India to Bosnia, China to Kenya, people are confronting traditional norms around gender and sexuality that are difficult to break. Despite opposition and discrimination from their communities, these people are armed with the courage to truly be themselves. The small steps people take to assert their role in society can result in major leaps for future generations.

airs 1/9 at 2 a.m.

Breaking Stereotypes Full Episode