Father and Sun: A Dyslexic Roadtrip

Father and Sun: A Dyslexic Roadtrip –– Richard Macer and his 11-year-old son, Arthur, set out to discover whether it might be outdated to think of dyslexia only as a disability. Could the condition, in fact, be a strength? As Macer noted, if 50 per cent of British prisoners have it, then so do half of those who work at Nasa. Dyslexics can be highly creative: Richard Rogers, Eddie Izzard, Picasso. Many more develop such effective compensatory coping techniques these may eventually pretty much cancel out their problems with reading, writing and sequencing. Dyslexics often think in pictures, for which reason their metaphors are more lively, their imaginations more vividly 3D.

airs 1/22 at 8 p.m.



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