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My Voice:  One Man’s Journey to Overcome The Silence

My Voice:  One Man’s Journey to Overcome The Silence  A young autistic man fights to help others who, like him, were born without the ability to communicate. Watch the inspiring true story of Matt Hayes as he navigates life and finds his place in the world as a defender of human rights for non-communicative autistic people.

airs 1/26 at midnight

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Men Caring

Men Caring  – Men Caring tells the story of three men who are the primary caregivers for adults with disabilities. In a field traditionally held by women, these compassionate men tell personal stories of how they were inspired to become caregivers for this special population. Through interviews, verite scenes, home movies, and family photos, viewers meet the caregivers and receivers and see the rewards of their unique relationships. Their stories shed light on the nationwide crisis of support for adults with disabilities and the profound benefits of the one-on-one relationships formed between these men and the people they care for.

airs 1/25 at 4:30 p.m.



A Wider World

A Wider World –  – Disabilities Today is a positive, informative, resource for persons with disabilities, by providing current information regarding rehabilitation trends, technological advances, travel, recreation, and community based opportunities for persons or families with disabilities. It is estimated that 80% of American families will acquire some type of disability at some point in their lifetime.

  • #2013 airs 1/25 at 9:30 a.m. – Learn how one young lady achieves her academic dreams.