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Television’s longest-running weekly natural history series, has won more than 200 honors from the television industry, parent groups, the international wildlife film community and environmental organizations, including the only award ever given to a television program by the Sierra Club.

  • Wild Way of the Vikings – spectacular natural history meets historical epic in a unique, beautiful, and revelatory journey showcasing the wildlife of the North Atlantic and its most iconic ancient civilization. The Vikings are the best known, yet most misunderstood, of all Dark Ages peoples. In this special presentation, Producer Nigel Pope will present clips from the film, with special tales from the production and exciting stories sure to inspire wonder in children of all ages. Airs 2/13 at 8 p.m.



Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Takes an intimate look at America’s favorite neighbor: Fred Rogers. The documentary tells the story of a soft-spoken minister, puppeteer, writer and producer whose show was beamed into homes across America daily for more than 30 years. In his beloved television program, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Rogers and his cast of puppets and friends spoke directly to young children about some of life’s weightiest issues in a simple, direct fashion. There hadn’t been anything like Mr. Rogers on television before, and there hasn’t been since.

Airs 2/9 at 8 p.m.


Half Sour

Moving to New York can be tough, particularly for someone just out of school and entering the workforce during the worst economy in modern times. John Till’s prospects were grim so he had to think outside the box. Working at a friend’s pickle factory, the self-taught entrepreneur started pickling vegetables to sell at farmers’ markets all over Long Island and New York City. One by one, he reached out to his struggling friends in Providence, Rhode Island to involve them in the business, throwing virtual lifelines. Sharing a love of skateboarding, they band together to make it in New York.

Airs 1/31 at 4:45 a.m.

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Warrior in Two Worlds

Ely Parker was a Seneca chief, a legal scholar, an engineer, a Civil War hero, and a Cabinet-level commissioner — all by the age of 40. At first glance, his story appears to be one of success and triumph.  Yet Parker died in poverty far from the land of his birth. In later life he was estranged from his people and dismissed by political leaders he once considered friends. Today, American history remembers him as a mere footnote, and inside the Seneca community, he is a controversial figure — considered a hero by some, branded a traitor by others.

Airs 1/30 at 2 a.m.



Blue Ridge Parkway: A Long & Winding Road

A historical documentary concerning the most visited segment of the National Park Service. It explores the impact on people along the route and the conflicts inherent in building the 469-mile Parkway. The documentary also makes public, for the first time, a secret deal between FDR and a powerful congressman that was a stunning New Deal political tradeoff.

Airs 1/29 at 3 a.m.



Independent Lens #2006 – The King

Forty years after the death of Elvis Presley, filmmaker Eugene Jarecki takes the King’s 1963 Rolls-Royce on a musical road trip across America. From Memphis to New York, Las Vegas, and beyond, the journey traces the rise and fall of Elvis as a metaphor for the country he left behind. A diverse cast of Americans join the journey including Alec Baldwin, Rosanne Cash, Chuck D, Emmylou Harris, Ethan Hawke, Van Jones, Mike Myers, and Dan Rather, among many others.

Airs 1/28 at 9 p.m.



Walking The Camino: Six Ways to Santiago

American fascination with the Camino is exploding. There are more than eight times the number of Americans doing the Camino today as a decade ago. “Walking the Camino” journeys into the hearts and minds of six modern-day pilgrims, ages 3 to 73, as they each face and triumph over their doubts and fears while they attempt to cross an entire country on foot. The documentary was in over 25 film festivals, garnering eight awards and selling out the majority of its screenings.

Airs 1/29 at 2 a.m.



John Paul II in Ireland: A Plea for Peace

In the fall of 1979, John Paul II was one year into a transformative papacy filled with hope and dynamism. Northern Ireland was a decade into the Troubles, a bloody conflict that shrouded all of Ireland in gloom. The dramatic encounter between this charismatic Polish Pope and the “land of Saints and Scholars,” is captured poignantly in John Paul II in Ireland, a historical documentary and spiritual reflection of what ultimately brought peace to Northern Ireland.

Airs 1/25 at 3 a.m.


Courageous Learning

There are more than 93 million Americans in the workforce today without a degree. Their standard of living is falling and their earnings gap is increasing. These adults missed their chance to go to college – or never finished a degree program. Courageous Learning follows the lives of three adult students: Shawn, Joe, and Angeline -a veteran, a single dad, and a nurse – as they face obstacles in the pursuit of higher education. Experts, including leaders from academia, think tanks, government, and nonprofits, provide a guide to the landscape of post-secondary education in the 21st century – and reveal it as terrain that too few travel. Narrated by actor Dennis Haysbert.

Airs 1/24 at 2:30 a.m.