Doing the Reptile Rumba from the Rainforest of Ranomafana

features Erik Callender, a herpetologist who has turned his lifelong fascination with reptiles into a professional teaching career. In the one-hour program, viewers see first-hand Erik’s excitement for teaching and exposing children to the wonders of science and education through his classroom visits in the U.S., where he brings along a menagerie of exotic animals, including lizards, reptiles and snakes. He also travels to the Ranomafana rainforest in Madagascar, where Callender engages with the locals, studies the animals, feeds the crocodiles, and introduces the children of two cultures to some of the most fascinating creatures on earth – as well as each other through webcasts.

Airs on WXXI-TV October 30, 2018 at 3:00 am

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