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90-Second Newbery Film Festival Recap

The NINTH Annual 90-Second Newbery Film Festival was in Rochester on Saturday for it’s premiere screening at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. At least 21 young filmmakers were in attendance. James Kennedy (author of The Order of Odd Fish) hosted with Bruce Coville (author of you can click here because there are too many books to list).  Over 350 people attended the premiere.

The 90-Second Newbery is a Film Festival where students of all ages create short (90-seconds or less) films that re-tell a Newbery winning or Newbery honor book. In order to accomplish this, students must be able to boil down major plot points to the most important facets of a book. 90-seconds is not a lot of time! It seems like a very difficult thing to do. And yet, students all over the country are turning out thoughtful, witty, funny, poignant retellings each year.

If you haven’t checked this film festival out yet, please see James’ very informative blog. This link takes you to his wrap up of this year’s Rochester festival, where you can view some of the featured videos:

Get your students started on this incredibly fun, creative project for next year’s festival!

Rochester Teen Film Festival

Calling all Teen Film-makers!

The deadline for the Rochester Teen Film Festival is coming up on June 10th!

WXXI Public Broadcasting Council and the Little Theatre are proud to sponsor the 2019 Rochester Teen Film Festival, a collaborative, juried media competition for youth in the Rochester region.

The festival is set for Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 5:30 p.m., when the finalists’ films will be shown at the Little Theatre in downtown Rochester.


  • Films and videos are created by high school teens
  • All genres are welcome
  • Videos must be appropriate for school-based audiences
  • Videos cannot exceed 10 minutes

The purpose of the festival is to honor the work of urban, suburban and rural teen filmmakers and give young people an authentic opportunity to participate in a real film festival. All submissions are judged by a jury and finalists have been elected to have their films shown at the Little Theatre.

This year, young filmmakers will again have a chance to earn the Philip Seymour Hoffman Award, which honors the life and legacy of the late Academy Award-winning actor and Fairport, N.Y. native. The annual award is given to the teen whose film is chosen by the judges as “Best of Fest” and was established in association with the Hoffman family.

To find the online entry form, and to see some films of past finalists, check out the website: