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3 Apple Book Awards

The New York Library Association (NYLA) has announced the 2019 kids choice 3 Apples Book Award winners. This year, over 66 school and public libraries participated in the voting, with over 1,000 votes cast during the month of April by New York State youth.

The 2019 winners are:

Young Reader’s Category:
The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors

Children’s Category:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Teen Category:

The 3 Apples Book Award Joint Committee is comprised of members from NYLA’s two youth divisions: the Section of School Librarians (SSL) and the Youth Services Section (YSS). For more information visit

Tech Camp 2019 – Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals is open for 2019 Tech Camp. If you have a great idea, please put in a proposal to present by clicking: 

Tech Camp will be held at Monroe 2 BOCES ESC Building on August 21st. We are looking for sessions on various topics. All sessions will be 45 minutes long.

Example presentation topics:
· Creating Websites from Scratch (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
· Digital Citizenship
· Escape Rooms / Mystery Boxes
· Student Data Privacy
· Genrefication
· Moving from a Fixed Schedule to a Flexible Schedule
· Schools and Public Libraries Working Together
· Mindfulness in the Library
· Diversity Audits / Creating Diverse Collections
· Library Redesign
· Creating Inclusive Libraries (LGBTQ, ELL, Students with Disabilities, etc.)
· Emotional Social Learning
· Coding for Girls
· Sustainable Libraries
· ISTE Standards in Libraries

Review of proposals will begin immediately, and the deadline to submit is FRIDAY JUNE 28TH.

Connections: Historical Fiction

If you missed out on Thursday’s Connections with Evan Dawson, he spent the hour discussing Hamilton and the value and drawbacks of historical fiction as a genre. His guests included:

  • Michael Oberg, distinguished professor of history at SUNY Geneseo
  • LindaSue Park, award-winning author
  • Miriam Burstein, professor and associate chair of the Department of English at the College at Brockport

Listen here!


Census Action

A good Census is the first step to making sure we have good roads, good schools and good representation.

Laura Bierman, Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of New York State

During our last Council meeting, Katie discussed the importance of an accurate census. This article explains why and how it impacts funding and representation.

Public libraries are taking the lead in next year’s census count. This summer, reach out to your public libraries and see how you and your school communities might be able to help.

Library All Star Winner

Congratulations to Beth Puckett, Library Media Specialist at Johanna Perrin Middle School, on winning the RRLC 2019 Library All Star Award!

Beth will be recognized at the RRLC Annual membership Meeting on June 6th at Casa Larga. This is a well-deserved award!

Joseph F. Shubert Library Excellence Award Application

The New York State Regents Advisory Council is sponsoring the The Joseph F. Shubert Library Excellence Award, which is given annually to recognize the achievements of small, medium and large libraries and library consortia in New York State. This $1000 award honors libraries or library consortia that have improved the quality of library service to users within the past two years.

Applications must be sent in by August 1, 2019.

Click here for details and application.

Rochester Teen Film Festival

Calling all Teen Film-makers!

The deadline for the Rochester Teen Film Festival is coming up on June 10th!

WXXI Public Broadcasting Council and the Little Theatre are proud to sponsor the 2019 Rochester Teen Film Festival, a collaborative, juried media competition for youth in the Rochester region.

The festival is set for Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 5:30 p.m., when the finalists’ films will be shown at the Little Theatre in downtown Rochester.


  • Films and videos are created by high school teens
  • All genres are welcome
  • Videos must be appropriate for school-based audiences
  • Videos cannot exceed 10 minutes

The purpose of the festival is to honor the work of urban, suburban and rural teen filmmakers and give young people an authentic opportunity to participate in a real film festival. All submissions are judged by a jury and finalists have been elected to have their films shown at the Little Theatre.

This year, young filmmakers will again have a chance to earn the Philip Seymour Hoffman Award, which honors the life and legacy of the late Academy Award-winning actor and Fairport, N.Y. native. The annual award is given to the teen whose film is chosen by the judges as “Best of Fest” and was established in association with the Hoffman family.

To find the online entry form, and to see some films of past finalists, check out the website:

The Summer of Space

This year, on July 20th, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. WXXI is celebrating with a series of programs all about space.

Wednesday, June 5th and Friday, June 7th: “Chasing the Moon” (Watch the preview)

Tuesday, July 9th: American Experience “Space Men” 

Tuesday, July 16th: NOVA “Apollo’s Daring Mission”

Wednesday, July 17th: NOVA “First Man on the Moon”

Tuesday, July 23rd: “A Year in Space”

Tuesday, July 30th: “Beyond a Year in Space”

Wednesday, July 31st: “The Farthest–Voyager in Space”

[Elementary] Makerspace Made Easy (from Knowledge Quest blog)

If you don’t get the AL Direct email from American Libraries, and if you don’t regularly check the Knowledge Quest blog, then you may not have seen this great article about Makerspace Made Easy.  The author, an elementary librarian in Chesterfield County, VA, Colleen R. Lee, explains how she started small, with different kinds of building blocks and other easily acquired materials.

Not only does she talks about keeping it simple, she also explains how she ties her design challenges to literature. It’s a short and easy read that is sure to give you some great ideas.