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SECOND OPINION WITH JOAN LUNDEN Alzheimer’s: A Public Health Crisis

Alzheimer’s disease is an under-recognized public health crisis. Not only does Alzheimer’s come with a tremendous cost to our healthcare system, it takes an emotional toll on families as they care for their loved ones, while watching them slip away. Leeza Gibbons shares her experience as a daughter and a caregiver to her mom who was diagnosed with this devastating illness

Airs Thursday, October 7th, at 8:00 pm on WXXI




NOVA Particles Unknown

Outnumbering atoms a billion to one, neutrinos are the universe’s most common yet most elusive and baffling particle. NOVA joins an international team of neutrino hunters whose discoveries may change our understanding of how the universe works

Airs Wednesday, October 6th, at 9:00 pm on WXXI