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(4/30 minute programs) – The series, much of which was filmed on Iroquois reservations, explores different aspects of Iroquois culture including the oral storytelling tradition and its historical significance, as well as Iroquois art, education and political issues.

Airs Wednesdays 4-5 a.m. beginning 12/19.


  • #1 – The Oral Tradition
  • #2 – Art of the Seventh Generation
  • #3 – Educating the Children
  • #4 – Keepers of the Eastern Door

A Time to Heal

Explores the impact of the Vietnam War on the lives of those who fought, protested, or prayed for their loved ones to come home alive. Producer Lindsey Whissel Fenton travels across Pennsylvania, talking with men and women about their experiences in that divisive war and their perspectives now, seeking an answer to the question: is it finally a time to heal?

Airs 12/14 at 3-4 a.m.