Journey to Promontory

Imagine for a moment, one of the most important transportation events in America is about to take place. The date is May 10th, 1869 and you sense excitement in the air. A restless crowd has assembled, dignitaries have gathered, the last rail is about to be placed, two steam locomotives face each other ready to meet. The Golden Spike is driven, a cheer goes out, the band strikes up, and celebration champagne flows. The telegraph message consists of one single word, “DONE.” Viewers can transport themselves back to that day of 150 years ago through a new public television program, Journey to Promontory. The story is really about more than just that single day in May. This documentary chronicles years of planning, surveying and construction as told through interviews with some of America’s leading rail historians and supported with historical images.

Airs 2/26 at 2 a.m.


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