Tale of Two Sisters

A series that explores the lives of famous women and their lesser-known siblings. The series is narrated by Rachael Stirling.

  • #101 – Amelia Earhart – July 2017 marks 80 years since Amelia’s plane disappeared on her historic round-the-world flight. Although there have been many theories as to what happened (including one circulated in Summer 2017), no one actually knows for sure. Earhart’s biggest fan and supporter, her sister Muriel, kept Amelia’s spirit alive up until her own death. The documentary features interviews with Amelia’s niece, Amy Kleppner.

Airs 3/3 at midnight.

  • #102 – Jackie Kennedy Onassis – Jackie Kennedy Onassis remains to this day iconic, a figure of high fashion and tragedy. Her sister Lee Radziwell, however, is less well-known. Yet, it is impossible to understand one without the other, their lives were intertwined – through rivalry and resentment, love and loss.

Airs 3/10 at midnight.


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