Media Literacy Week Reflection and Action

Last week was Media Literacy Week. What we gathered from the survey we sent out, is that teachers and librarians strongly feel that Media Literacy Education is important for our students. So what can we do to further push Media Literacy Education in schools? Take legislative action.

There are currently proposed bills in the New York Assembly and Senate:

  • Assembly Bill 2219 – School districts would be provided with a list of resources and instructional materials on media literacy.
  • Senate Bill 1104 – Required instruction in civics, civility and citizenship, including media literacy.
  • Assembly Bill 106 – Appointment of a media literacy advisory committee.
  • Assembly Bill 5981A – To study the teaching of digital citizenship, internet safety, and media literacy.

Read more about these bills here.

Senate Resolution J01888, which was adopted in June, proclaimed October 2019 ‘Information Literacy Month’ in the state of New York.

So what can you do?

Check out Media Literacy Now to advocate for Media Literacy Education in our state. This website will help you with any materials you need and provide you with information about Media Literacy and Media Literacy Education advocacy.

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