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Blackademics Television: #605 REDDICK / FOX / FOSTER

airs Mondays 3 a.m. beginning 12/9 (600 series has 5/30 minute programs) (500 series has 6/30 minute programs) –  – Top Black Studies scholars engage with projects and research focused on education, performance and youth empowerment.

Fresh Chefs Society uses food prep and culture to build community and teach skills to youth leaving foster care. Dr. Foster discusses Soul Train and the value of independent black television programs. Dr. Reddick speaks to the role of black faculty as mentors.

airs 1/6 at 3 a.m.



A Wider World: #2010

A Wider World –  – Disabilities Today is a positive, informative, resource for persons with disabilities, by providing current information regarding rehabilitation trends, technological advances, travel, recreation, and community based opportunities for persons or families with disabilities. It is estimated that 80% of American families will acquire some type of disability at some point in their lifetime.

#2010 – Learn how a man with visual disabilities creates Christmas magic – airs Jan. 4 at 9:30 a.m.




Trust Docs 1000: #1005 “Adapting to Climate Change”

Trust Docs 1000 (11/30 minute programs) airs Thursdays at 2 a.m. beginning 12/5 – TRUST DOCS, which is in partnership with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, takes viewers around the globe to explore under-reported stories about critical social issues through personal stories from individuals. This magazine series utilizes short documentaries to translate headlines into human experiences and covers a range of issues including the effects of war, the fight for refugee rights, struggles to adjust to climate change, housing and land rights, global mental health, changing gender identities and more.

#1005 “Adapting to Climate Change” – Climate change affects us all, and less-developed communities that are more closely tied to the land often suffer more directly from environmental transformation. The changes include dramatic fluctuation of water sources, diminishing crop yields, and failure of long-held farming techniques. Discover how community leaders are adjusting, engaging with the international community and seeking innovative methods and new technologies to find sustainable ways of living.

airs 1/2 at 2 a.m.

Adapting to Climate Change Full Episode



Otherwise It’s Just Firewood

In a feat of musical extreme sports, violinist Daniel Hoffman has just one week to learn to play Irish fiddle with master fiddler James Kelly, in County Clare, Ireland. and then somehow, perform with him in concert. His attempt to achieve the impossible, as well as his encounters with a range of Irish philosophers, musicians, and dancers, reveals unexpected secrets about Ireland and about himself.

 airs 12/31 at 4 a.m.


Robert Penn Warren:  A Vision

Robert Penn Warren is the only person to have won Pulitzer Prizes for both fiction and poetry and was named U.S. Poet Laureate in 1986. His 1946 novel about political corruption, All the King’s Men, was translated into an Academy Award winning film. The documentary explores the life and career of one of our nation’s most acclaimed writers and features previously unreleased home movie footage of the author and his family.

airs 12/31 at 3 a.m.

Full Video