Hands on Crafts for Kids

Hands on Crafts for Kids (1900) (13/30 minute programs) airs Fridays 4-5 a.m. beginning 12/6 – – Hands on Crafts for Kids is packed with fun craft projects. We want crafting to become a part of your life every day; surround yourself with things you make, and make being creative a part of who you are. Projects include kids’ crafts for ages 7 to 12.

  • #1901 “Artist” – Artists look at the world from fresh perspectives. Host Jenny Barnett-Rohrs draws the geometric patterns she sees looking at the world from high above. Franz Spohn has ideas for all the things artists can do besides creating works for a museum. Candie Cooper introduces us to the art form of Yamamoto to create a collage and Jenny makes a 3-D color wheel.
  • #1902 “Old is New” – Give a new twist to traditional art forms. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes a trinket box inspired by a popular video game. Then, she makes a friendly turtle using the ancient art of mosaic. Candie Cooper creates pop art with polka dots in the style of the artist Kusama, and Jenny coils a rag basket with a touch of denim.
  • #1903 “Stars” – Look beyond the sky. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes a glittery star catcher featuring the constellations. Candie Cooper creates a 3-D board illustrating moon phases. Artist Franz Spohn creates a landscape featuring clouds. Candie Cooper creates a sparkly space galaxy.
  • #1904 “Creatures” – The earth is full of wonderful creatures. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs crafts simple animals that are easily adaptable and molds a robot mouse. Artist Franz Spohn draws creatures that are just like us – or not. Jenny uses glow-in-the-dark clay to craft a spooky-sweet charm for your backpack.
  • #1905 “Bloom” – Flowers make us happy. By mixing bright colors, Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes a fun floral banner. Candie Cooper makes flowerpots that help you count and add. Artist Franz Spohn draws tulips and daisies in different perspectives. Jenny creates a nightlight inspired by coral that grows in the sea.
  • #1906 “People” – People keep life exciting. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs shows how to tag you and your best friends with matching lanyard tags. Candie Cooper celebrates diversity with whimsical cone kids. She also crafts one-of-a-kind wooden kokeshi dolls. Jenny uses age-old symbols to mono print a family crest to frame or use for banners.
  • #1907 “Animals” – Animals come in endless varieties. Inspired by ocean creatures, Jenny Barnett-Rohrs creates a sea-life totem. Candy Cooper crafts a piggy bank that holds bills and coins. Artist Franz Spohn adds animation to his favorite animals. Jenny crafts loony llamas from pool noodles.
  • #1908 “Stylish” – Freshen up your style statement. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs fashions a colorful ID bracelet from clay and makes a foxy felt animal pouch. Jenny weaves a trendy beaded bracelet of silver and gold. Then, using fabric and ribbon, Jenny creates a decorator-style memo board to stay organized.
  • #1909 “Imagination” – Unleash your imagination. Using rolling pins, Jenny Barnett-Rohrs creates all kinds of textures. Candie Cooper creates little superheroes to showcase her creative writing. Franz Spohn draws a picture from a poem and Jenny makes an ever-lasting lunch from felt.
  • #1910 “Sci-Fi” – Travel to the future for new adventures. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs builds a robot tray to hold coins and treasures. Then, she creates a mysterious sea creature. Franz Spohn launches aliens into outer space and Jenny makes futuristic sculptures from foam.
  • #1911 “Living Places” – Each plant and creature has a habitat. To capture the freshness of the ocean, Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes jars inspired by sea glass. For her art project, Candie Cooper looks to the rainforest for ideas. Then, she sponge-paints an animal foot-print rug. Jenny makes a 3-D diorama of animal habitats from foam and printable images.
  • #1912 “Fly Away” – Let’s make wings and fly. With paper, scissors and a little spaghetti, Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes paper feathers. Then, she crafts fuzzy bug wings from felt. Artist Franz Spohn gives the appearance of flight in his drawings. Jenny crafts a bird house for our feathered friends.
  • #1913 “Camp” – Head to the great outdoors with camping crafts. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs fashions a talking stick like those used by ancient tribes. Then, she paints images of nature with sand. Franz Spohn makes his own fishing game and Jenny weaves a beaded dream catcher. Candie Cooper lights up the forest with a cool camp lantern.



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