America From The Ground Up

America From The Ground Up (200) (6/30 minute programs) airs Fridays at 2-3 a.m. beginning 12/13 – – Filmed on location at more than thirty archaeological and historical sites in twelve U.S. States and two Canadian Provinces. America: From The Ground Up! follows archaeological adventurer Dr. Monty Dobson as he digs into America’s story- From the Ground Up. Join Monty as he searches for clues to America’s hidden history: from exploring the ruins of America’s lost civilization to an underwater search for clues to Benedict Arnold’s sunken fleet on Lake Champlain, to a recreation of Perry’s naval victory over the British on Lake Erie with more than twenty tall ships, join us for the archaeological adventure of a lifetime!

  • #201 “The Ancestors” Join Monty as he sets out to explore the ways that America’s Native peoples used and altered the landscape. From the earliest mound builders in Louisiana and Texas to the massive Pueblo towns and cities of New Mexico and Arizona, Monty digs into the archaeological story of The Ancestors.
  • #202 “New Spain” – From the conquistador’s quest for mythical cities of gold to the Pueblo Revolt that almost ended their American experiment, to the Spanish missions and presidios of Texas and the Southwest, Monty is on an expedition to uncover the archaeological history of Spanish Colonial America.
  • #203 ”World’s Collide” – As the Spanish Empire collapsed around the globe, her old European rivals and an upstart America begin to tear away Spanish lands in America. Join Monty for the expedition to uncover the archaeological story of the fight for a continent.
  • #204 “Paradise Lost” – Paradise Lost explores the origins of slavery on the Iberian peninsula and its evolution in the New World. Monty visits sugar plantations in Louisiana and Texas where archaeologists are learning about how the enslaved people lived and worked there.
  • #205 “An Un Civil War” – Join Monty on the archaeological expedition to uncover the real history of the Civil War in the trans-Mississippi West. From the fierce border war between Missouri and Kansas to the massive battle at Wilson’s Creek and the role of Black troops in the Union Army, we uncover the bloody truth of America’s Un-Civil War.
  • #206 “Go West” – Go West explores the stories of the diverse peoples who settled in the American West. From intrepid Black Spanish explorers and conquistadores, to the Governor of Alta California, to the Buffalo Soldiers who fought to enforce America’s reservation policy on the Native Peoples of the West, Go West explores the archaeological history of immigration and migration.



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