Playing by the Rules:  Ethics at Work

Playing by the Rules:  Ethics at Work (300)  3/30 minute programs  –  airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. beginning January 2  –The three-part documentary series PLAYING BY THE RULES: ETHICS AT WORK examines how ethics play a major role in contemporary business practices and challenges viewers to think about what they would do in these situations. From debating whether or not to act on insider information, choosing between employee well-being or shareholder obligations, or disclosing a rare but potentially fatal side effect of a newly manufactured drug-ethical decision making is a critical skill. But even the most moral character can be influenced in ethical gray areas.

  • #301 “Driven” – Examine the rapid rise of Uber, the scandals which followed, and lessons on Silicon Valley culture. Assess if innovation and corporate accountability can co-exist in an industry where “moving fast and breaking things” is the norm.
  • #302 “Pay to Play” – Explore a scandal that exposed an underground market for talented teen basketball players, funneling them to universities sponsored by sneaker giant Adidas. See how allegations of secret payoffs raise questions about leadership and oversight.
  • #303 “Lessons Learned” – Take a look back at three years of reporting on contemporary corporate controversies including Uber, Wells Fargo and Volkswagen, investigating the common thread of failed business ethics.

airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. beginning January 2

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