From the Wings:  The Live Art Story

From the Wings: The Live Art Story  – Erin Thomas Foley woke up from a dream she had one night with a vision that, while seemingly impossible, planted the seed that turned into an innovative idea which would inspire those around her. In the dream, kids with special needs were performing alongside typically developed kids on a large stage for a big audience. Over the years that followed, Erin and those around her would turn that dream into a reality with the creation of LIVE ART. FROM THE WINGS: THE LIVE ART STORY is about a group of children with varying abilities that came come together to create an unprecedented performance and change their community forever. The documentary follows six students from the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community (SPARC) in Virginia, their families and several staff members, and chronicles how the children and adults face their own fears, learn what empathy really means, and discover countless things they didn’t know about themselves and the world around them. The experience culminates in an inspirational night of music, dance and visual art-including a performance by recording artist Jason Mraz-that unifies students with and without disabilities before a sold-out audience at the majestic Carpenter Theatre.

airs 1/23 at 8 p.m.



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