Science is Fun

Science is Fun (2/30 minute programs)

  • #1801 – University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry Professor Bassam Shakhashiri and his friends present experiments with an assortment of gases. Carbon dioxide shows its many sides when it changes the colors of solutions, generates a plume of fog, inflates a rubber bulb, and puts out fires. Bubbles filled with methane gas rise and ignite in balls of flame. Oxygen gas turns into a liquid that sticks to a magnet.
  • #1802 – Join renowned science communicator and University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Bassam Shakhashiri as he shows the colorful side of metals. Solutions of metals change colors when mixed with other solutions. Colorful flames blaze when solutions of metals are sprayed into them. Metal wires sing and a metal pipe howls. He is joined by special guests in this fun-filled show, packed with the sights and sounds of science.

airs 1/31 at 1 a.m.



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