Blackademics – Top Black Studies scholars engage with projects and research focused on education, performance and youth empowerment.

(500) airs Mondays at 3 a.m. beginning 3/9 (6/30 minute programs)

  • #501 – Elite sports training; black acting methods; surviving domestic violence. Talks by Jeremy Hills, Sharrell D. Luckett and Courtney Santana.
  • #502 – A Hip Hop educator talks about student agency under teacher mentorship; An early childhood educator on raising anti-racist kids; An educational anthropologist talks about deeper self-love and self-care. Talks by Bavu Blakes, Jennifer Adair and Jeanine Staples.
  • #503 – The founder of multiple innovative schools talks about raising our expectations of students; a Black studies professor performs poetry and shares information on Black student activism in South Africa. Talks by Letsie Khabele and Tshepo Masango Chery.
  • #504 – A Black Feminist Professor on Beyonce, Black Feminism and Empowerment;An activist educator calls for us to use our intellgence as a form of service to community; the importance of music and the arts as tools for education and empowerment. Talks by Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley, Fatima Mann and Yewande K. Austin.
  • #505 – An Educational Anthropologist on Afro-Brazilian’s Education Activism; An Obama White House staffer talks about career advancement with Allies, Advocates and Investors; A Curriculum Expert on Rethinking the role of Black History in American Schools. Talks by Rolf Straubhaar, Tequia Hicks Delgado and LaGarrett King.
  • #506 – A young musician explores her musical journey from classical piano to blues guitar, and how passion and purpose are synonymous. An educational anthropologist discusses the concepts of Blackness and Whiteness. Talks by Jackie Venson and Kevin Michael Foster.

(600) airs Mondays at 3 a.m. beginning 3/30 (5/30 minute programs)

  • #601 – Curry challenges viewers by uncovering the history of sexual violence against black males from slavery to present. Dr. Evans-Winters discusses black kids’ treatment in schools. Black Sovereign Nation founder presents a program for black autonomy.
  • #602 – Husband/wife hip hop duo Riders against the Storm replace digital technology with practices to better connect us. Anthropologist Dr. Adams encourages thoughtful listening with a talk on the art of the cab ride. Chef Kabui encourages sustainable organic food use.
  • #603 – Chang encourages us to tell our stories as she charts her path from undocumented Guatemalan immigrant child to hyper-documented and influential college professor. Dr. Saenz offers a successful program for mentoring Latino males.
  • #604 – Hoberman details the hidden world of police steroid use. Lewis and Nicole Conway explore successful reentry from mental and physical incarceration. Dr. Gerstenblatt confronts her own racism in the journey of raising mixed race kids.
  • #605 – Fresh Chefs Society uses food prep and culture to build community and teach skills to youth leaving foster care. Dr. Foster discusses Soul Train and the value of independent black television programs. Dr. Reddick speaks to the role of black faculty as mentors.

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