Media Literacy Project Grant

Do you have an idea for promoting media literacy in your classroom, but don’t have the cash to implement it?

Don’t fret! Help is here!

The New York State Educational Media/Technology Association provides up to two annual Media Literacy Project Grants in the amount of $1,250.

Media Literacy is defined as the ability to comprehend, design, and produce media. It includes critical thinking skills used to evaluate and analyze information in a variety of formats. Media Literacy is essential to be able to distinguish between fact and fiction.

The purposes of the grant are to:

  • Support educators who provide resources and services that correlate to state and national learning standards for instructional excellence promoting media literacy.

  • To provide funds for research projects or demonstration projects that can be replicated in other areas across the state and nation.

Examples include:

  • A film literacy course held after school

  • Learning about the effective creation and use of media in student work

  • Using video effectively in your lesson plans

Eligible educators must work in a district that participates in the media service at a BOCES or Big 5 that is an EMTA member.

For the application, click here: GRANT APPLICATION (WORD) or here: GRANT APPLICATION (PDF)

To see presentations on past projects, click here: EMTA WEBSITE-GRANT PAGE

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