Conversations About Education #104

  • 10/2 – #104 – RETURNING FROM COVID
    To say that COVID has turned the world of education upside down is an understatement. After introducing the topic, Helene speaks with a pair of RCSD students who have been working through this difficult time. We then move to the Mineola School District which has been recognized nationally for embracing computer and digital learning for many years. This approach put them in a much better position to cope with the sudden demands of COVID as we learn from Super indent Mike Nagler, the board chair, a teacher, student and parent. The panel discussion that follows focuses on the realities, challenges and opportunities that this moment in time presents. It is not a discussion about the day to day demands and accommodations that districts now face — and in this way, the discussion will remain timely regardless of what is specifically happening at the district level at the time of broadcast. The panel includes Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa, Regent Wade Norwood, Distinguished Educator Jaime Aquino, Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small, and Superintendent Terry Dade.

4 part series airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. (repeats Sunday at 11 a.m.)


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