Conversations About Education #102

    The topic addresses the reality that there is a misplaced mindset among many that certain students, for a myriad of reasons, are incapable of truly succeeding and therefore the bar is set low for them. The segment starts with a short interview with a recent RCSD graduate who talks about what it feels like when your teachers don’t believe in your capacity to achieve. Helene then speaks to Mayor Lovely Warren about a personal experience she had with expectations being set low as a student at Wilson High School. After that conversation, we move to Roosevelt High School in Yonkers that completely changed their approach to learning with impressive results. We hear from Superintendent Edwin Quesada, the board chair, administrators, teachers and students about the changes in the school and the impact of the encouraging outcomes. The panel discussion that follows, including candid discussion that the role that implicit bias plays in setting expectations too low, includes Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa, Mayor Lovely Warren, Distinguished Educator Jamie Aquino, Superintendent Terry Dade and Superintendent Michael Nagler of Mineola.

4 part series airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. (repeats Sunday at 11 a.m.)


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