Legends of the Lake

looks at the beauty and history behind the mahogany exteriors of classic wooden boats. Set in scenic Lake Tahoe, this documentary addresses the passion wooden boat owners feel for their craft, familial connections, and the legendary speed kings and hydroplane racers. The film includes the story of wooden boat Teaser’s legendary race against the fastest train of the time, the Twentieth Century Limited. Another recounts owner Henry Kaiser’s decision to remodel his regular wooden runabout, The Hornet II, in the style of Howard Hughes’ famous aluminum racer. LEGENDS OF THE LAKE also chronicles the return of Baby Skipalong to Lake Tahoe’s waters by the Scott family, after years spent in the possession of speed king Stan Dollar. These stories complement discussions about the underground community of restoration enthusiasts and the rituals involved in naming a boat.

Airs 1/9 at 4:30 a.m.

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