Watching Our Water: The Challenge To Keep It Clean

In the United States, battles over water rights invoke cliches of cowboys and farmers in shoot- outs. In recent years, droughts and lawn watering bans revive the question of quantity – is there enough water? Now, news from Flint, Michigan of contaminated municipal water supplies have people from Boston to Berkeley shifting the question from, “Will I have enough?” to “Is my water safe?” “Watching Our Water: The Challenge To Keep It Clean” explores the vexing question of how pristine water high in the Rocky Mountains ends up as a floating chemical ‘dead zone’ in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This Harvest Public Media special illuminates the challenges facing farmers, scientists and engineers. It looks at the problem from a rural and urban perspective, and examines possible solutions to control the contamination in our water.

Airs 1/9 at 4 a.m.


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