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The Secret of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

Journalist Ian Hislop and conductor John Eliot Gardiner reveal the story behind the creation of this iconic work. Described as the “greatest ‘great’ piece ever written,” its opening notes are among the most recognizable in history. Although no one really knows what Beethoven was trying to express with this piece, this program makes the case that his passion for the ideals of freedom and brotherhood fueled his Fifth Symphony.

Airs 2/24 at 10 p.m.



An American sports drama/biographical film, focusing on the legendary 1956 Kansas Jayhawks basketball team. The film follows Forrest “Phog” Allen (Kip Niven) head coach of the Jayhawks men’s basketball team from 1919 to 1956, as he recruited 7 foot 1inch Wilt Chamberlain (Justin Wesley), capturing the trials and tribulations that Chamberlain (Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers) faces during his time with the Jayhawks. It explores the impact of Chamberlain’s presence in Lawrence, Kansas, and the impact his participation had on college sports at a time when the Civil Rights Movement was just beginning in America.

Airs 2/23 at 4 p.m.


Arts in Ed News

It’s that time again, to start letting Wendy Petry know of any authors you would like to pursue for school visits through Celebrities in the Schools for next year.  The deadline for 2018-19 purchase orders to Monroe One BOCES is mid-April.  Please have all Arts in Education purchase orders to her by then at the latest for new requests.  Please let your teachers know of this deadline.

Also, a reminder to teachers and librarians to fill out evaluations on-line after an event at the AIE website, Arts in Education Evaluation (link).


Secrets of the Dead

Part detective story, part true-life drama, SECRETS OF THE DEAD unearths evidence from around the world, challenging prevailing ideas and throwing fresh light on unexplained events. Using the most up-to-date science in the laboratory and in the field, scientists and researchers examine the missing pieces of each puzzle, completing the picture of what had been merely an assemblage of suppositions. #1606

  • The Nero Files – The Roman emperor Nero is considered one of history’s greatest criminals – a cruel, insane and brutal ruler. His name has become synonymous with evil, and he stands accused of killing his step-brother, his wife and his mother, as well as burning Rome to the ground for his own artistic inspiration. But are these stories true? Can they be proven? Recent research, modern interpretations of historical sources and new discoveries cast a different light on the accusations levelled at the Roman emperor. Secrets of the Dead: The Nero Files investigates Nero’s reign with the help of the internationally renowned criminal psychologist Thomas Müller, using “cold case” methodology.  Did history get it wrong? Was Nero a far better ruler than he’s ever been given credit for?

Airs 2/20 at 10 p.m.



Sauti: Refugee Girls Speak

A documentary that profiles five teenaged girls in a Ugandan refugee settlement. With tenacity, tenderness and imagination, they approach their uncertain futures to create new lives of their own choosing. The film, told in the voices of the refugee girls, witnesses the power of girls struggling for agency and self-determination against the odds, and inspires audiences to reframe their ideas about the daily realities, hopes, and dreams of refugees.

airs 2/13 at 4 a.m.




Unchained: Generational Trauma and Healing

A one-hour documentary that examines the lingering trauma handed down from the American slavery system. Men and women describe how they broke the emotional chains passed down from their slave ancestors. Others demonstrate the moral courage needed to face their own racial attitudes. In this film, all viewers face the roots of American racism and the processes that usher lasting reconciliation.

Airs 2/20 at 4 a.m


New Safari Content

For those districts participating in the Multimedia Service, Safari has been adding new content. The packages listed below are already available to you in our SAFARI Montage system.

  • Simple History Video Links – 58 Web streaming links to animated history videos. Topics include: the Industrial Revolution, California Gold Rush, Berlin Wall, Space Race, Thanksgiving and more. Grades 7-12.
  • Osmosis Video Links – 39 web streaming links to videos exploring a variety of medical concepts including: asthma, concussion, HIV & AIDS, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bulimia nervosa and more. Grades 9-Adult.
  • Basho and Friends Video Links – 62 web streaming links to Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese instructional music videos. Grades PreK-4.
  • NUMBEROCK Video Links – 70 web streaming links to musical animated math videos. Topics include: angles, order of operations, addition, subtraction, fractions and more. Grades PreK-6.

We will keep you updated as they add content!

Thirsty Land

A documentary film about extreme drought, agriculture, & the water crisis in the Western United States and how these challenges impact farmers, cities, and local communities. We hear from world-renown water and climate experts, farmers, city and state leaders who tell us their stories about managing water resources in an already dry climate, now impacted by drought. The film was shot during the spring, summer and fall of 2015, during the record-breaking drought in California. Managing water resources in the west is vital to the production of food for Americans and for people all over the world. California’s farmers provide approximately 50 percent of all fruits and vegetables for the United States, and 20%for the world. Without water, food production is not possible. City and state leaders all across the west are working together with farmers to ensure there’s enough water to go around for everyone.

Airs 2/19 at 2 a.m.