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Free To Rock

Ten years in the making, FREE TO ROCK explores how American rock and roll contributed to the end of the Cold War. In the eyes of the Soviet Ministry of Culture, western rock music combined the twin evils of spreading the English language and encouraging illicit free enterprise. It was prohibited by the Soviet and Eastern Block authorities and deemed as propaganda. However, the “soft power” of American rock music was pumped into Eastern Europe and the USSR by Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. This forbidden music inspired thousands of underground rock bands and tens of millions of their passionate supporters. Their enthusiasm for rock and roll became a youth movement that openly defied the Communist government. Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, the film features interviews with former President Jimmy Carter; Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the USSR; musicians Billy Joel and Mike Love; Robert Santelli, Executive Director of the Grammy Museum; Oleg Kalugin, a former major general in the Soviet KGB; Soviet rock artists Stas Namin, Pete Anderson and Andrey Makarevich; and other scholars and experts.

Airs 3/22 at 3 a.m.




A Harpist’s Legacy: Ann Hobson Pilot and the Sound of Change

A Harpist’s Legacy: Ann Hobson Pilot and the Sound of Change profiles the inspirational life and distinguished career of the revered harpist. This compelling documentary follows Ann Hobson Pilot’s trailblazing journey as the first black female principal player in a major symphony orchestra and also as an international soloist, teacher, mentor and driving force behind music-education programs for underserved minorities. A HARPIST’S LEGACY uses her professional journey to explore the increasing racial diversity and shift in attitudes toward musicians of color in the classical music world.

Airs 3/22 at10:30 p.m.

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Reading Fiction Makes You a Better Person

Ok, ok. It makes you a slightly better person. A study done by Rochester’s own David Dodell-Feder (a University of Rochester psychologist), that shows that reading fiction slightly boosts your emotional intelligence. Here are a few articles that came out recently about this study:

New Study: Reading Fiction Really Will Make You Nicer and More Empathetic

Want More Emotional Intelligence in 2019? Do More of This 1 Thing, According to 2 Clinical Psychologists

And you can request the original article in the Journal of Experimental Psychology General here: Fiction Reading Has a Small Positive Impact on Social Cognition: A Meta-Analysis

So, keep on doing the good work you’re doing getting kids to read more!