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Latino Americans (6/60 minute programs)

This series tells the story of early settlement, conquest and immigration; of tradition and reinvention; of anguish and celebration;and of the gradual construction of a new American identity from diverse sources that connects and empowers millions of people today. The series covers the 1500s to the present day.

Airs Wednesdays at 2 a.m. beginning 5/1.

  • #1 – Survey the history and people from 1565-1880, as the first Spanish explorers enter North America, the U.S. expands into territories in the Southwest that had been home to Native Americans and English and Spanish colonies, and as the Mexican-American War strips Mexico of half its territories by 1848.
  • #2 – See how the American population is reshaped by Latino immigration starting in 1880 and continuing into the 1940s: Cubans, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans begin arriving in the U.S. and start to build communities in South Florida, Los Angeles and New York.
  • #3 – Trace the World War II years and those that follow, as Latino Americans serve their new country by the hundreds of thousands – yet still face discrimination and a fight for civil rights in the United States.
  • #4 – Review the decades after World War II through the early 1960s, as swelling numbers of immigrants from Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic seek economic opportunities.
  • #5 – Witness the creation of the proud “Chicano” identity as labor leaders organize farm workers in California, and as activists push for better education opportunities for Latinos, the inclusion of Latino studies and empowerment in the political process.
  • #6 – Examine the past 30 years, as a second wave of Cubans and hundreds of thousands Salvadorans, Nicaraguans and Guatemalans flee to the U.S., creating a debate over undocumented immigrants that leads to calls for tightened borders, English-only laws and efforts to brand the undocumented as a drain on public resources. Simultaneously, the Latino influence is booming in business, sports, media, politics and entertainment. Latino Americans become the largest and youngest growing sector of the American population.





An array of groundbreaking and distinctive perspectives on contemporary life as chronicled by some of America’ s and Europe’s most visionary non-fiction filmmakers.

  • #3109 “Still Tomorrow” – https://www.pbs.org/pov/stilltomorrow/ – A village woman without a high school diploma has become China’s most famous poet. Meet the breakout writer Yu Xihua, a woman with cerebral palsy, poignantly weaving her personal story with that of an ascendant, urbanizing China.

Airs 5/7 at 9 p.m.; 5/8 at 1 a.m.; 5/8 at 9 a.m.; 5/8 at 3 p.m.; 5/11 at 1 p.m.; 5/11 at 11 p.m.; 5/12 at 10 a.m.; 5/12 at 6 p.m.



Escape From a Nazi Death Camp

October 14th 2013 was the 70th anniversary of an event that shook the Nazi party to its core. In east Poland, at the remote Nazi death camp of Sobibor, 300 Jewish prisoners staged a bloody break out. To mark the anniversary, this film travels back Sobibor with the last remaining survivors to reveal their extraordinary story of courage, desperation and determination. The film uses brutally honest drama-reconstruction and first hand testimony to reveal the incredible escape story. The multi-layered plot unfolds like a Hollywood blockbuster — from the last-minute change to the escape plan forced by an unexpected arrival of a train load of SS soldiers, to the systematic luring of individual camp guards to separate locations and different, highly creative deaths, yet every terrible and inspiring moment of this story is absolutely true.

Airs 5/1 at 4 a.m. (repeats 5/22 at 4 a.m.)



STEAM and Curriculum Integration with Makey Makey

Save the Date: Thursday August 1st, 2019 from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Parker Ormerod will be re-running this popular workshop over the summer.

Students are constantly consuming content and using inventions that are created by others. Makey Makey allows students to create their own content on Scratch and use design thinking to create their own inventions. During this workshop participants will learn the basics of Scratch and using the Makey Makey. Participants will also get hands on examples on how they can integrate Makey Makey into their curriculum.

***All who attend will receive a free Makey Makey***

Click here to register through the Monroe One BOCES My Learning Plan.