Sit and Be Fit LIVE in Central Park

From the producers of the award-winning health and fitness TV series comes new Sit and Be Fit exercise programming, SIT AND BE FIT LIVE IN CENTRAL PARK! These two fun half-hour programs were taped on location at the iconic “Tavern on the Green” terrace in Manhattan’s Central Park and feature host Mary Ann Wilson, RN, with a diverse group of New York City residents exercising outdoors. Wilson’s gentle warmth as a host lends charm to the exercise programs which feature fun rehabilitative movements set to lively music. Exercising on location with NYC fans was part of Central Park’s “Fitness Friday” events aimed at promoting active lifestyles. Wilson is joined on set by her daughter, Gretchen, who demonstrates seated versions of the standing exercises.  Airs 10/24 at 4 a.m.



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