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Road Trip Nation – Being You

Roughly one in five people lives with learning and attention issues (LAIs) like ADHD and dyslexia, yet many of those who live with LAIs feel alone. They’re not. In a new hour-long special, ROADTRIP NATION shares inspiring stories of struggle, self-acceptance and success. BEING YOU, follows the transformative journey of three young people-Stephanie, Noah, and Nicole-as they travel cross-county to find others who, like them, learn differently and have used that difference to build lives doing what they love. Along their journey, they meet with diverse individuals living with LAIs, including entertainer Howie Mandel, Eye to Eye co-founder and chief empowerment officer David Flink, and Attention Deficit Disorder Association president Evelyn Polk Green, and discover that these individuals are not only coping, but thriving. Many credit their learning and attention issues as the driving forces that shaped their success. ROADTRIP NATION: BEING YOU showcases powerful stories that will inspire all viewers to believe that their individual circumstances can be positively used to define their own roads in life. airs a.m. 11/25 at 1-2

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Monroe One is teaming up with Monroe 2 to offer this exciting workshop!

Coding with Sphero


December 10, 2019 – 3:30 – 5pm at Monroe One BOCES
Teaming up with Lindsay Neumire from Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, this workshop is open to librarians of both regions. Sphero is a little round robot that’s not only fun to play with, but can be used effectively to teach coding concepts, math, and more! In this 1.5 hour hands-on workshop, attendees will learn to control Sphero, code with Sphero, and practice and discuss ways to use it to strengthen curricular concepts. This workshop is for School Librarians. Teachers may attend if they attend with their School Librarian with the intent to collaborate in the future.

Monroe One has a classroom set of Spheros for you to try out in your library available after the workshop.

Register here: https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?D=13458&I=3256770

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