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IQ Smart Parent

IQ Smart Parent (6/30 minute programs) airs Tuesday 2 a.m. beginning 1/14 – IQ: SMARTPARENT equips parents and caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully guide their children in the use of digital media and technology. The three-part series addresses children’s media consumption – from helping them discern between fiction and reality to safeguarding their online identities. Host Angela Santomero created and executive produced the acclaimed children’s television series Blue’s Clue on Nick Jr., and Super Why! and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS KIDS. Santomero also hosts PBS’ The Parent Show at PBSparents.org and writes a personal blog about parenting at AngelasClues.com.



Schools That Change Communities

Schools That Change Communities – From economically challenged rural areas to crime-ridden urban neighborhoods, SCHOOLS THAT CHANGE COMMUNITIES profiles a diverse range of K-12 public schools in five states – Massachusetts, Maryland, South Dakota, Oregon and California – that are tackling educational reform at the local level. Principals, teachers, students, residents and others discuss place- and community-based education, an interdisciplinary approach which emphasizes hands-on, curiosity-based investigation using the surrounding community and neighborhoods as “living” classrooms. Proponents say this creates not only a different type of learning environment, but a different kind of student. In confronting and solving real-world issues in their own hometowns, the students develop a sense of civic responsibility and pride. The community feels the impact too, whether students are delivering baked goods to neighbors, planting vegetables in a community garden, testing drinking water and air quality, helping restore natural habitats, shining a light on important social issues.

airs 1/13 at 2 a.m.



Podcast: “Representation and Critical Thinking in Media”

In 1988, the father of Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, was killed in the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. As a 17-year old girl in 1988, the only information she could get about her father’s death was from the news media. It wasn’t until 3 years had passed, when she went to Scotland and met the people who found her father’s body, that she hadn’t realized there was more to the story than what the media had told her.

Fast forward 31 years, and Michelle is the Executive Director of the National Association of Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), working to advance Media Literacy Education.

Recently Michelle told her personal story on the podcast The Woodshed (created and run by advertising agency Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky). Michelle explains, through the events of her past, how she learned to critically think about the information she was being fed by the media. In this story, we learn why Media Literacy Education is so important to her, and the ensuing conversation explains why it should be important to everyone.

Give it a listen: thewoodshedshow.com

**Please note, there are swear words in the theme song.