Voices for Freedom: The Hyers Sisters’ Legacy

Voices for Freedom: The Hyers Sisters’ Legacy -airs 2/5 at 3:30 a.m. – In the perilous 1870’s and 80’s, when night riders and lynching terrorized African Americans and black-face minstrels ridiculed them across the land, The Hyers Sisters (African American touring-opera prodigies) stood up against this ridicule and oppressive imaging with unique musical works and thus became Voices for Freedom. These works changed minds and hearts for 20 years while bringing the first black leading players to the mainstream stage, integrating casting for the first time, and creating the first American musicals. The Hyers influenced all Music Theater to come and yet remain unsung — ’til now. This half-hour performance documentary celebrates their rich legacy in word and song, with internationally renowned artists and an inspiring story. Enactment, narration, a hip-hop commentator, and expert commentary reveal the social struggles of their day and shed light on our own. Super star Denyce Graves-Montgomery hosts.


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