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Donalyn Miller (Book Whisperer) in Rochester

Donalyn Miller is presenting TWO free sessions on May 28th at the Monroe County Central Library (Downtown). This is sponsored by Scholastic and done in collaboration with Monroe County Library System and Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES School Library System

SESSION 1: Access to Books: Game Changer for Kids 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Children with meaningful access to books achieve at higher levels and experience greater engagement with reading. In this session, examine the current research on book access in schools, libraries, and homes; discuss intellectual and cultural access concerns including diversity and leveling; and explore resources and strategies for developing and sustaining high-quality classroom library collections that support students’ reading lives. Information based on Game Changer! Book Access for All Kids, published November 2018.

Target Audience: classroom teachers, librarians, K-12 reading specialists, administrators, literacy coaches

To Register: https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?I=3020602&D=18636

SESSION 2: Invest in Children’s Reading Lives All Year 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

The institutional emphasis on standardized testing places students’ reading test scores in front of children’s reading lives. Extensive research proves that children with positive reading identities and the opportunity to read independently at school and home achieve at higher levels on reading tests. In this presentation, Donalyn Miller, describes the factors that engage children with reading both at school and home—ensuring both their academic success and their lifelong reading habits.

Target Audience: classroom teachers, librarians, K-12 reading specialists, administrators, literacy coaches

To Register: https://www.mylearningplan.com/WebReg/ActivityProfile.asp?I=3020612&D=18636

To learn more about Donalyn Miller: https://bookwhisperer.com/

John Paul II in Ireland: A Plea for Peace

In the fall of 1979, John Paul II was one year into a transformative papacy filled with hope and dynamism. Northern Ireland was a decade into the Troubles, a bloody conflict that shrouded all of Ireland in gloom. The dramatic encounter between this charismatic Polish Pope and the “land of Saints and Scholars,” is captured poignantly in John Paul II in Ireland, a historical documentary and spiritual reflection of what ultimately brought peace to Northern Ireland.

Airs 1/25 at 3 a.m.


Courageous Learning

There are more than 93 million Americans in the workforce today without a degree. Their standard of living is falling and their earnings gap is increasing. These adults missed their chance to go to college – or never finished a degree program. Courageous Learning follows the lives of three adult students: Shawn, Joe, and Angeline -a veteran, a single dad, and a nurse – as they face obstacles in the pursuit of higher education. Experts, including leaders from academia, think tanks, government, and nonprofits, provide a guide to the landscape of post-secondary education in the 21st century – and reveal it as terrain that too few travel. Narrated by actor Dennis Haysbert.

Airs 1/24 at 2:30 a.m.


Sit and Be Fit (1700) (10/30 minute programs)

A popular exercise series designed to make exercise fun, easy and safe for people of all ages. Programs focus on therapeutic exercises that make everyday activities easier to perform including core strengthening, balance work, stretching and relaxation. Host, Mary Ann Wilson, RN designs programs with physical therapists, using creative choreography and a diverse selection of music. Her warmth and encouragement effectively reaches out to people of all fitness levels and ages. She is especially loved by older adult viewers, children, and those managing chronic conditions and physical limitations.

Airs Friday beginning 1/25 at 2 a.m.


YouTube Channel 

  • #1701 – Heel to Toe Functional Fitness – In this workout Mary Ann focuses on core strengthening, balance, finger dexterity and improving range of motion. Dr. Emily shares the “short foot” exercise.
  • #1702 – Body Alignment and Core Strengthening – In this episode Mary Ann focuses on the details of proper body alignment and core strengthening throughout the workout. Dr. Emily shows how to use “short foot” in a sit-to-stand progression.
  • #1703 – Wake Your Body with Exercise – In this lively functional workout Mary Ann uses a towel to improve range of motion. Gretchen leads a finger segment for the brain featuring college football hand signs and Dr. Emily shares a foot release homework assignment.
  • #1704 – Exercise Interventions for Functional Fitness – Mary Ann incorporates exercises that can be practiced daily to promote functional fitness and independence. Dr. Emily shares a pelvic floor exercise to strengthen the core.
  • #1705 – Pamper Your Feet – This episode is packed with variety and several guest appearances. Mary Ann and Dr. Emily share exercises to stimulate your feet and keep them healthy.
  • #1706 – Lymphatic Health Special – Physical Therapist, Diana Smith, explains the role of the lymphatic system in removing toxins from the body. Mary Ann devotes this episode to a variety of movements and exercises that stimulate healthy lymphatic flow including a self-massage relaxation segment.
  • #1707 – Tai Chi With Tino – Tai Chi exercises are good for balance training and fall prevention. Mary Ann introduces guest Tai Chi instructor, Tino, who leads viewers in a fun “Tai Chi By The Sea” segment.
  • #1708 – Brain and Balance – Mary Ann shares exercises that improve postural strength and finger dexterity. Gretchen leads viewers through a fun segment that challenges the brain and balance systems with reaction time and patterning exercises. Dr. Emily shares a balance tip.
  • #1709 – Tone and Stretch – Mary Ann uses a towel, large ball and weights to guide viewers through a full body workout to improve strength and range of motion. A variety of fun music is used throughout. Dr. Emily shares a balance tip. The episode ends with a gentle relaxation segment.
  • #1710 – Balance Your Body – In this episode, Mary Ann leads viewers through a workout designed to balance out the body to improve functional fitness. Dr. Emily shares an exercise to strengthen balance and help reduce fall risk.