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Finding Home:  A Foster Youth Story

The remarkable story of four foster youth preparing for life outside the foster care system. Summer, 17 and transgender, yearns to be adopted. Glorianna, 19 and an artist, struggles to live on her own after spending 12 years in a group home. Jaloni and Kalonji, 18-year-old twins, grew up in poverty, but become star athletes and scholars with the help of two loving adults.

airs 12/18 at 4 a.m.



Echoes of the Ancients

“Echoes from the Ancients” is a tale of 1st Century tragedy and of a 20th Century quest to discover a city lost in time. The program follows explorers to Israel’s Galilee where they uncover a mountaintop civilization destroyed during the First Jewish Revolt. What excavators find in the ruins, is giving new insight into Christianity, Judaism and the history of western culture. “Echoes form the Ancients” is narrated by Academy Award winning actress Anne Bancroft, and produced by WXXI in Rochester, New York.

airs 12/12 at 4 a.m.

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Considering Matthew Sheppard

In October of 1998, Matthew Shepard was beaten, tortured, and left to die. Twenty years later his legacy is remembered in a unique production that uses music, poetry and interviews and to explore a pivotal time in our history. When a hate crime is committed, what does it mean to be a victim, a parent, a community member, a perpetrator? How do we learn to be compassionate and find hope in hopeless situations? As a response to this hate crime, Matthew’s story is placed into the context of a passion story presented as a three-part oratorio, bringing new depth to a harrowing story of loss and highlighting the role of art and how we react to tragedy. At the heart of this production is the renowned composer Craig Hella Johnson and the Grammy Award-winning choral group Conspirare. We follow the creative process as their art is used to explore how music can be a healing force and lift up voices that are rarely heard.

airs 12/11 at 4 a.m.


New Titles in Learn360

Learn360 updates its content on an ongoing basis. About once a month, we import these new titles into our Safari MONTAGE catalog.

Here, we will highlight some of these new titles for you. This month, Learn360 added almost 350 new titles from eight different publishers. We’ve created some playlists to help you better navigate these titles:

Featured Playlists at the High School Level:

Applied Pyschology

Behind the Scenes of Respectful Relationships

Working in the Hospitality Industry

BBC WorldWide Learning (Middle/High School Level)


Featured Playlists at the Elementary Level:

Hooked on Phonics Level 2

Hooked on Phonics Level 3

Hooked on Phonics Level 4

Hooked on Phonics Level 5

Hooked on Phonics Level 6

Hooked on Phonics Level 7

Hooked on Phonics Level 8


Featured Professional Playlists:

Inside Writing Communities